DIY Broker Entry (7501)

What is Entry Summary?

Entry Summary documentation is required by law to enable U.S. Customs and Border Protection to assess duties, collect statistics, and determine that other legal requirements are met.


Small and Medium-size importers who have experienced clearing their goods from customs.


Entry Summary must be filed before goods are released from customs at any U.S. border. Entry Summary can be filed together with ISF or separately later.


It’s now easy to handle your own customs from your mobile phone, tablet or computer. Always know your filing status and pay significantly less.


Simply signup to eezyimport and insert your entry information. Our eezyflow™ will glide you through the process, a broker will review your entry and will make sure you are aligned with regulation and ready to file.
It takes minutes, or even seconds for repeat shipments. Eezy!


eezyimport does not handle the international and local transportation of the goods, and it is the importer’s responsibility to settle final delivery, and make sure all fees are paid to the local representatives of the forwarder or carrier the shipment was delivered with.


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