DIY Import Security Filing

The same regulatory ISF (10+2) with full visibility and control from any phone, tablet or desktop, for just $10!

What is ISF?

ISF (also known as 10+2) is the U.S. Customs Law requiring importers to file all ocean cargo before the vessel departs for the United States. Penalties for non-compliance include a $5,000 fine, increased inspections and/or cargo delay.


Medium size importers who have experience of clearing their goods from customs. A valid continuums bond on file with customs. Financially solid. Customs record – Without a flaw


ISF must be filed at least 24 hours before the cargo departs for the United States and completed no later than 24 hours prior to arrival.


It’s now easy to handle your own customs from your mobile phone, tablet or computer. Always know your filing status and pay significantly less.


Sign up to eezyimport (once) and let our simple eezyflow™ glide you through your ISF filing in minutes (even seconds for repeat shipments). Eezy!

Our eezyflow for your DIY Customs

We have simplified your ISF filing with our eezyflow™ especially designed for the unique needs of small importers so you can easily process your 10+2 anywhere, any time from your phone, tablet or computer.

Importer (you) provide:

1. Buyer info
These are often the same entity for small importers
Ship to
2. Seller info
These are often the same entity
Stuffing Location
3. Shipment info
HTS: 6-digit
Country of origin

Your carrier provides:

Stow plan
Status message plan

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